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Ideal machine geometry tool for installation and maintenance services


  • High precision electronic inclinometer for measurement of absolute or relative angles

  • Rotatable housing allows measurement on surfaces with any inclination

  • Outer ring with 30° marks and 5° scale on housing with integrated fine adjustment screw

  • Appropriate bracketing for different applications

  • Standalone or with powerful GEO CENTER PC-software

  • Wireless PC communication




Laser geometric alignment with INCLINEO

INCLINEO is a powerful laser alignment instrument based on a high precision electronic inclinometer technology. It measures angularity at different positions on a surface enabling exact determination of surface flatness. In combination with easy-to-mount bracketing, INCLINEO measures the inclination along edges and rails and even on vertical shafts.

The rotatable housing makes it possible to take measurements at any angular position, even top down. The integrated wireless technology, combined with its easy operation makes it a versatile and effective tool for installation and maintenance services. INCLINEO can be used as a standalone or in combination with the GEO CENTER software to accomplish a wide range of measurement tasks such as:


  • Determine foundation levelness

  • Measure surface flatness of engine blocks, compressor frames and machine bases

  • Measure parallelism of rails

  • Check profile of machined surfaces and geometry of machine tools

  • Evaluate shaft plumbness of hydro turbines


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