SEATRAX - Monitoramento de comunicação com guindaste (CCM)

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Crane Communication Monitoring (CCM)

The Seatrax CCM14000 simplifies the monitoring of primary and auxiliary crane systems, including hydraulic systems, hoists and prime mover.

It incorporates a hard wired network of boom angle and hoist load cell sensors that communicate with the display terminal. The system provides single-point access to a variety of monitoring and communication functions. Rather than scanning gauges and manipulating functions spread throughout the cab, the crane operator can page through screens to monitor systems and perform operations via touch screen buttons. Important information is replicated across multiple screens.

The user-friendly interface, intuitive layout and logical workflow permit operators to learn the CCM14000 quickly with minimal training. It utilizes a touch screen for system navigation: the operator simply touches onscreen buttons to access desired screens or operations.

The CCM14000's features are easily adaptable to each customer's specific needs.

For more information about these options, download our CCM product information.

For more information about our CCM7000, please contact us here.


The CCM14000 offers operators one central location to view all crane parameters and can be retrofitted to operate with all Seatrax model cranes. The CCM14000 includes:

  • Enhanced user interface - modern and easy to navigate touch controls offer crane operators improved assistance in accessing information
  • Touch screen menu buttons provide direct access to numerous status, settings and other informative monitoring functions
  • Increased data recording offers expanded diagnostic capabilities
  • Visual load charts display current lifting conditions
  • Hook travel
  • Utilizes CAN network protocol for simplified wiring
  • Expandable feature set
  • Ease of field maintenance makes troubleshooting straightforward
  • Can operate in emergency mode without CCM

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