ABOUT US At SPIFIL Group, we create and deliver the ecological answer to your filtration needs. Our staff is highly prepared and motivated; we design and manufacture our products following high quality standards, and provide an exceptional technical service. We treasure more than 20 years of expertise in the field. Becoming the leader was our initial goal; and we still keep on going places. HISTORY SPIFIL Group was conceived in 1990, in Mexico, under the name of “Filtración Industrial Especializada S. A. de C.V.”. We launched our filters 24 years ago and today, because of the high quality of our end products and a steady marketing strategy, we have grown to more than ten locations in the United States and Latin America. Currently, our solutions are demanded in more than 7 countries; we have 2 manufacturing plants and more than 250 coworkers to take care of our customer needs and expectations. MISSION Consolidate SPIFIL Group as leaders in our country and worldwide, in order to keep and exceed our professional and customer services. We seek for our customer maximum satisfaction; continuously invest in our staff’s professional development; and constantly pursue better standards in safety and environmental conservation issues. VISION We are a global company, with a talented staff committed to designing, manufacturing, distributing, and commercializing the best industrial filtration solutions by using high quality building materials, and cut-edge technology. Our ultimate goal is the safety of our customers, their facilities, and the environment. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Reduce contamination in our industrial activity and manufacturing process Encourage our staff to preserve our natural resources through recycling Separate and classify all the residual waste relevant to our industrial activity QUALITY POLICY We work day to day in order to: Improve our products Enrich our services Avoid wastage Keep satisfied and loyal customers Provide our staff with a high-quality and competitive training passt industria-limpia2 sgs2

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Somos uma empresa Brasileira de expressão no segmento de ferramentas, Instrumentos de Medição e soluções para industrias, com atuação no Brasil e no exterior.

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